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Hook drops libel case ... with swipe at journalists

GEORGE Hook has dropped a legal case against a radio reviewer after several journalists threatened to boycott his show.

The broadcaster has claimed there was an "orchestrated" campaign against him after he launched the action against a Sunday Tribune reporter.

The National Union of Journalists has confirmed to the Herald: "On a grassroots level, a number of journalists have said that, as an expression of personal disgust with the threat to Eithne Tynan, they are not going to co-operate with the George Hook show."

They had called on Mr Hook, who presents a daily drive-time programme on Newstalk, to "take a step back and consider the implications of his actions".

Lawyers for Mr Hook made an application in the County Registrar's Court on Monday to join Ms Tynan as a co-defendant to defamation proceedings against Tribune Newspapers plc.

But Mr Hook has now said that the case against Ms Tynan is "over, done and dusted".

He said journalists were "ganging up" on him. "All I wanted was an apology. I don't want her money," he said.