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Honeymooners at murder hotel tell of fears

ONCE voted Best Honeymoon Resort by Irish couples, Mauritius' Legends Hotel now faces criticism and a potential business crisis.

Now, some travel operators have stopped selling holidays to the Indian Ocean island as tourists currently staying there reveal their anxieties.

When honeymoon testers Mark (26) and Denise (31) Duffield-Thomas visited the Legends Hotel last year they rated it among the best they'd seen, describing it as "an amazing stay in one of the most stunning locations we've ever seen".

However, the brutal killing has now sent shockwaves around the world and discouraged throngs of tourists from visiting.

For Marc and Niamh McNally, the terrible incident has hit much closer to home.

The Dublin couple got married on 17 December, 2010, they arrived in Mauritius on Monday for their honeymoon and are currently staying at Legends Hotel, Grand Gaube.

They said that they felt the popular resort had failed to inform its customers of the tragedy appropriately.

"It's been quite played down here," Marc said. "There was a bit of a beach party [on Tuesday] for the staff and management to meet the guests," Marc told Ray D'Arcy on Today FM yesterday.

"We said, 'we are Irish, we're a bit weary of [what has happened], could you tell us what's happened, what's coming, what you're doing about it?'

"[The hotel manager] said, 'Look, it's never happened here before, the police are looking after it, the government are involved, we really don't know what to do other than leave it in their hands."

The couple had even seen Michaela and John when they arrived at the hotel.

The couple will be staying at the resort despite their concerns, unlike many other holidaymakers who are expected to cancel their plans and avoid Mauritius.

Mauritius Connection, an online operator for holidays to Mauritius owned by travel company ITC Classics, has stopped selling holidays to Legends for the moment.