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Homes needed for 11 puppies seized at port


Puppy at Dublin Port

Puppy at Dublin Port

Puppy at Dublin Port

GARDAI seized 11 puppies at Dublin Port yesterday morning.

They were being transported to Britain without the appropriate documentation.

New legislation aimed at stamping out puppy farms and the illegal sale of dogs requires all animals to have passports for travel.

Dogs must also have a microchip and proof of a rabies vaccine.

The pups found by port security yesterday were in a car driven by a woman.

An investigation into where they came from and their final destination is being carried out by the ISPCA and the gardai.


The puppies will now spend the weekend in a Dog's Trust Ireland shelter in Finglas.

They have all been named after fish, such as Nemo, due to where they were found.

However, foster homes for the animals are urgently needed as the trust said its shelter is operating at capacity.

"Ireland is known as the puppy farming capital of Europe with approximately 90,000 puppies bred here every single year," said Mark Beazley, the executive director of Dog's Trust Ireland.

In February, authorities rescued 116 puppies at Dublin Port.

It was the first seizure of its kind under the 2013 Animal Welfare act.

Three months later, all 116 have found good homes following care.