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'Homeless refugees in own land', says Farrell


Colin Farrell Picture: Getty

Colin Farrell Picture: Getty

Colin Farrell Picture: Getty

Colin Farrell has spoken out on Ireland's homeless crisis and has called on the Government to put more money into helping those on the streets.

The Castleknock man (40) is a patron of the Irish Homeless Street League and likened the homeless population to "refugees in their own land".

"What is a refugee? Someone who has to move from place to place without a home to find some sense of existence or some sense of peace. They're basically refugees in their own land. It's shocking. There's no structure around it," he told Ryan Tubridy on RTE Radio One.


"You've got to look at how well every person in our society is doing. Then you judge how well we're organising presenting ourselves to each other.

"The Spire is great but there should be nothing like a spire put on O'Connell Street.

"That money should be going to people who can't take care of themselves which could be any of us," he added.

Farrell praised Glen Hansard and others for their impromptu performance at Apollo House.

"That fella cares deeply, he really does. Too many people are struggling unnecessarily," he said.