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Hollywood raves at Benji's tribute to tragic son

A SERIES of children's adventure books, inspired by the sudden death of bestselling author and Dublin dad Benji Bennett's four-year-old son Adam, has become the talk of Hollywood.

American actor and comedian Adam Sandler's daughter Sadie (4) was given the first book in the series Before You Sleep as a birthday present by a friend of Benji's and is currently gripped by Adam's Pirate Treasure, another title in the series of books of Adam's Adventures.

"The feedback was that out of all the presents Hollywood had to offer, Adam's book Before You Sleep was the most wonderful present they got on the day, and they loved it, and thought it was very special," Mr Bennett said.

Adam, from Blackrock, died suddenly from a brain tumour in 2007. His short life inspired his father Eoin, who goes by the pen name Benji, to write books for young Adam's siblings.

However, his stories have reached children around the world and touched their parents.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta- Jones got their hands on the books, which they read to their son Dylan Michael (10) and daughter Carys Zeta (7) before bedtime.

"A friend shares the school run with Catherine and Michael and she sent them signed copies of Before You Sleep, Adam's Amazing Spaces Adventure and Adam Saves Christmas," Mr Bennett said. "They love the books and are always looking forward to the next one."