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Holly Carpenter's Dublin Diary: A week packed full of fashion and dodging mince pies


Now: Model Holly Carpenter at a Littlewoods event in The Dean, Harcourt Street

Now: Model Holly Carpenter at a Littlewoods event in The Dean, Harcourt Street

Now: Model Holly Carpenter at a Littlewoods event in The Dean, Harcourt Street

It was like handbags at dawn on Tuesday as I was invited to the Littlewoods Ireland Christmas event.

I arrived at the Dean Hotel with my friend Rob Kenny, where we were greeted with candy canes and Prosecco - all very festive.

The beginning of the event was a bit hectic though, as there were loads of bloggers and stylists running around trying to nab some of the nicest pieces from the gifting suite. You had to be quick!

But once we all had our claws on our favourite fashion picks, it was nice to catch up with everyone and discuss Christmas plans.

I had done a closet clear-out over the weekend and I found my red-and-black sequins number that I actually wore on my 18th birthday. I decided to dress it down with a leather jacket and boots (inset).

Another girl who was head-to-toe in sparkle was 2FM's Ciara O'Doherty, who was running the social media accounts for the night.

This week is my second week of clean-eating and training with my new trainer Jenni. I had a really tough hour-long session just before the event, so I only had a small window to transform from a sweaty, red-faced gym look to my smoky eye and sequins look.

Thankfully, I had taken a lunchbox of steak and greens to eat in the car after training, otherwise I could have easily put away three or four cupcakes when I got to the Dean. When it comes to healthy-eating, I've realised the best way to succeed is to plan ahead.

When I was studying for my Leaving Cert my dad used to always say "fail to prepare, prepare to fail", which used to drive me mad - but I guess he's right.

Recently I've been setting aside some time each evening to prepare the next day's meals, which involves grilling chicken breasts, boiling some eggs and cooking my greens. It's a bit of an effort, but I'm always grateful it's done the next day.

With so many events and family gatherings this Christmas, my plan is to eat a big healthy meal before I go anywhere that I know will have mince pies and tubs of Celebrations.

On Christmas and Stephen's Day I'm going to wear some maternity trousers and eat absolutely everything! My mum goes all out for Christmas dinner - my two favourites are her Malteser cheesecake and her stuffing.