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Holidays too much hard work for mums

The stress of a family holiday means many mothers are missing out on the benefits of a soothing break, a new survey shows.

A quarter of mothers say preparing children for a holiday and keeping them happy when away is more stressful than heavy workloads in the office, the Teletext Holidays poll found.

As many as 73pc of mothers clean their hotel room or apartment before their maid arrives for fear of appearing messy.


And more than a third do not fully switch off when away and 80pc feel in need of another holiday as soon as they get home.

Based on responses from 2,000 mothers, the survey also showed that 40pc even dread the annual summer holiday and 38pc avoid going abroad because of the stress.

A third of mothers felt the family break was more of a holiday for their husband or partner than for them, with 36pc arguing over the issue of who should be helping out with the children.