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Holidays terrifying for most drivers

Nearly three-quarters of drivers who have driven abroad were left frightened by the experience, research has shown.

A survey of 2,000 motorists who had driven abroad revealed that 70pc had felt some level of fear about the experience, ranging from "terror" to feeling "panicky" and "nervous".

The biggest worry for drivers, according to the research by insurer Allianz, is accidentally driving on the wrong side of the road (35pc), followed by not knowing the rules of the road (12pc) and not understanding foreign road signs (11pc).

Drivers claimed the most annoying thing about driving overseas is not knowing the road signs (20pc), forgetting which side to drive (19pc) and aggressive drivers (16pc), while one in five admitted they got angrier abroad.

The poll of 2,000 UK motorists who had driven in a foreign country revealed that the women drivers felt they had a 50pc greater chance of having an accident when driving abroad, compared with 20pc of men.

Just one in five women (20pc) were confident about driving abroad, compared with 45pc of men, but even male drivers found the experience uncomfortable, with one in four admitting they were more nervous.

Less than half of drivers (40pc) said they make sure they know the driving laws in a foreign country, and just 30pc research rules of the road and road signs before their holiday.