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Holiday outing...as New York's first gay hotel opens

A NEW York hotel, complete with two hot tubs, a secret garden and its own nightclub has become the first boutique hotel built specifically to cater to gay tourists.

The OUT NYC hotel, not far from Times Square and Broadway theatres, also hopes to cater to the friends and families of its gay clientele.

And so, turning an old concept on its head, the owners of the hotel like to call it "straight-friendly."

"This project has been in the planning for five years, and we are proud to announce the opening of the city's, and maybe even the world's, first gay-focused, straight-friendly, urban resort," said co-owner Ian Reisner.


Designed by architect Paul Dominguez, The OUT NYC opened for business earlier this month with a wellness centre, three courtyards, a sunbathing deck and gym.

It also features a nightclub called XL and space for events, conferences and weddings.

Bjorn Hanson, the divisional dean of the Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management at New York University, said hotel bosses would be watching The OUT NYC's fortunes with interest.

"There are hotels that have been developed specifically marketing to LGBT travellers, but exclusive hotels that really make it their identity are very rare," he said.