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Hoax bomb case dropped

AN IRISH woman who was accused of making a hoax bomb warning that a device was ready to go off at Downing Street in 2013 had the case dismissed after the judge ruled there was no evidence the warning was false.

Kathleen Kelly (49) of Pound Grove, Newport Rd in Castlebar stood accused of making a call that a device was "primed and ready to go off" at Downing Street just days after the death of Margaret Thatcher in April 2013.

She had pleaded not guilty to the charge of giving false information to gardai. The charge was dismissed by Judge Kevin Kilraine after he ruled the prosecution failed to provide evidence that there was no device at the location at the time stated.

Five held over child massacre

Five Pakistani men have been arrested in Afghanistan in connection with the Taliban massacre of 134 school children in the Pakistani city of Peshawar last month, officials from both countries said on Sunday.

The five were detained last week after Pakistan sent a list of suspects to security services in the neighbouring nation.

Taliban gunmen opened fire in the military-run school on December 16, killing nine staff and the students, many of them the children of army personnel.

Tyyyy ysysus suys uysus uys

About 100 people chanted "Rape is not a joke" and "No means no" outside a theatre in Denver where comedian Bill Cosby was performing, though the show itself went on without a disturbance.

Earlier, a woman held a news conference at a nearby hotel to accuse Cosby of sexually assaulting her in 1986.

Beth Ferrier said during the gathering called by Los Angeles lawyer Gloria Allred that Cosby put drugs in her coffee when she went to see one of his shows in Denver.

She claims she woke up hours later in the back of her car "practically naked".

Close encounter with asteroid

An asteroid a third of a mile across will pass close by the Earth on January 26. The space rock, code-named 2004 BL86, is expected to reach a point about 745,000 miles from our planet, which is close in astronomical terms.

Although easily far enough away to be safe, the flyby counts as a narrow encounter in astronomical terms.

It will be the closest any asteroid comes to the Earth until the predicted fly-past of another rock,1999 AN10, on August 7, 2027.

Latest estimates suggest that AN10, which is 0.6 miles across, could approach as close as 19,000 miles.