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Hitman suspect now believed to be dead

Nothing has been heard of one of the north inner city's most notorious criminals, Christy Gilroy (36), since a fortnight after his suspected involvement in the only double murder to happen in this area in recent times.

Gardai believe Gilroy, a heroin addict and a member of an armed robbery gang during the 1990s, was murdered in Spain less than a month after he executed Michael 'Roly' Cronin (35) and James Maloney (26) at Summerhill on the orders of another slain gang boss, Eamon 'The Don' Dunne, in January 2009.

Cronin had been one of the north inner city's biggest heroin dealers and was blamed with the flooding the area with the drug in the early 1990s.

Sources say that by the time Gilroy had murdered the two men, his life was completely out of control and he was being paid small amounts of cash to take part in deadly crimes by unscrupulous north Dublin crime gangs.

Just six months before the double murder, Gilroy was arrested in relation to another gangland hit in Coolock. But while he was being detained at Santry Garda Station a bizarre incident took place.

Gardai were left red-faced when he simply walked out of his cell after realising that the lock was faulty. He made his way out of the station and had left the area by the time officers discovered that he had absconded.

Gilroy went on the run for over a fortnight and was suspected of involvement in a spate of armed robberies before he was finally caught.