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Historian looking for '1960s wife' technology

AN Irish historian is looking for donations from the public for a planned exhibition on the "modern wife" in Ireland, as the country was radically changing during the 1960s.

The crowd-sourced history project, named Modern Life, Modern Wife, will take place at the National Print Museum of Ireland in Beggar's Bush Barracks, Haddington Road, between August and October 2015.

Dr Ciara Meehan, based at the University of Hertfordshire, has called for people who might have items of interest from 50 years ago to come forward.


In particular she has been searching for new technology items used by the "ideal wife" of the period, such as sewing machines and also recipe books that might contain written notes.

Dr Meehan explained how the inspiration for the exhibition was found after she discovered a marriage manual from 1938 called The Young Wife, owned by her grandmother.

"The manual contained advice on how to be a good wife and a good Catholic wife," she said.

The discovery of the manual, coupled with an interest in exploring a people's history, was the genesis of the project.

Dr Meehan has previously written on WT Cosgrave and Cumann na nGaedheal

Anyone interested in donating can do so at: modernwifemodernlifeexhibition.com/objects/donate-or-loan/