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Hip risk for sports-mad teens

Hip problems are being seen in teenagers as a result of intensive training and regular participation in multiple sports.

Surgery has been required for teens as young as 15 for of hip impingement, according to orthopaedic surgeon Patrick Carton.

He said that that there was increasing evidence demonstrating the link between participation in regular competitive sports at a young age and developing abnormalities in the shape of the hip.

The repetitive abnormal contact between the "ball" and "socket" of the hip joint during sports and training is known as hip impingement.

Mr Carton, a specialist based at the Whitfield Clinic in Waterford said: "There is a feeling that the majority of players across Ireland are unaware that they may have even have impingement.

That's because it doesn't present with pain as such. It presents with mainly recurrent groin discomfort, post activity stiffness, inflexibility and often hamstring tightening."

Those teens experiencing these symptoms should speak to their GP and ask them about hip impingement.

"We have a lot of teenagers who return to sport very successfully having had surgery," he said.