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Hijacker was at centre of his family, mourners told


HURT: The coffin carrying hijacker Daniel Lynch

HURT: The coffin carrying hijacker Daniel Lynch

HURT: The coffin carrying hijacker Daniel Lynch

A YOUNG man who died in a hijacked car was described as the glue that held his family together.

As his pregnant girlfriend Roisin was comforted at his funeral Mass, Daniel Lynch (23) was remembered as "the one who made you laugh".

Special mention was made of taximan Matthew Ilori, in whose car Daniel died.

Daniel, from Ringsend, was killed after he was involved in stealing the car last Monday morning.

He travelled just 700 metres in the car before it smashed into a bridge along North Wall Quay in the city.

The congregation heard Mr Ilori got in touch with the Lynch family "to offer his condolences and prayers".

Chief celebrant Fr Ivan Tonge said it was a "very hard day" for Roisin and Daniel's parents Joe and Patricia as well as his brothers and sister.

"It's very important that we're here to be with Roisin, Patricia and Joe . . . Everyone feels hurt, everyone feels in pain today . . . 23 years isn't a long time.

"We wanted more, sometimes we don't get it," Fr Tonge said.

He said it is a time for storing memories of Daniel.

Fr Tonge recalled the words of the dead man's brother Wayne.

"Wayne said it best when he said Daniel was the one who held the family together, the peacekeeper, the one who made you laugh.

"The glue that kept the family together," the priest said.

Daniel's remains had been carried from his home to the nearby St Patrick's Church on Thorncastle Street.

His immediate family, girlfriend, friends and neighbours walked slowly behind the coffin.

With Whitney Houston's My Love Is Your Love playing in the background, mourners entered the church.

The congregation heard the music played at the service had been chosen because of what the songs meant to Danny and Roisin.

The coffin was draped in a Dublin flag and a wreath was placed on top.

Fr Tonge said loved ones "always want to say goodbye to those who have meant so much to us" so a "sudden death is a very, very traumatic experience".

The second man who died in the crash, Dylan Lacey (21), was also remembered.

His funeral was due to take place in Ringsend today.