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High-tech answer to crowded taxi ranks

TECHNOLOGY could be used to help tackle Dublin's overcrowded taxi ranks.

Dublin City Council wants to make use of an online system informing taxi drivers when there is space at a rank and customers when cabs are available.

But the National Transport Authority (NTA) has already turned down an application for funding to develop the project.

But city officials are pushing ahead with the scheme and intend reapplying.

"There is a continuing problem at taxi ranks in Dublin city," the council's executive manager Tim O'Sullivan said in a report.

Planned new bye-laws will provide for a further 122 spaces across the city.

But it is not feasible to provide for the "unlimited demand for rank spaces in the city centre", Mr O'Sullivan insisted.

Competing interests, such as bus and coach parking, loading bays, disabled parking and paid parking, have to be catered for.

The idea was initially raised at June's meeting of the council's transport and traffic strategic policy committee.

Mr O'Sullivan's report will be presented to next week's SPC.