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High-powered car and cash seized from one of gardai's top 10 targets


Gary Hutch was murdered

Gary Hutch was murdered

Gary Hutch was murdered

Specialist gardai have seized a high-powered car, cash and other items from an individual listed on their 'top 10' involved in crime and drug dealing in the north inner city.

Criminal assets profilers from Store Street Garda Station in the north inner city have been tasked with seizing the proceeds of crime from a number of criminals in their district.

The individuals are suspected by gardai of being involved in organised crime as well as the sale and supply of drugs.

In a significant operation in the early hours of Saturday morning, officers from the Dublin Metropolitan Region's North Central Division carried out a raid on a property linked to one of their prime targets in the Summerhill area.


During the raid, a high-powered car - estimated to be worth in the region of €30,000 - and a four-figure cash sum were seized, along with items suspected of being the proceeds of crime.

Some of the criminals being targeted have links to members of the Hutch gang, currently embroiled in a bitter feud with the Kinahan cartel, following the death of Gary Hutch in Spain last year.

Chief Superintendent Pat Leahy - who is in charge of policing for the north inner city - said that the seizure sent out a "strong statement" to criminals operating in the area.

"From everyone's perspective, it was a very strong statement to see the car loaded onto a low-loader in the early hours of Saturday morning and being carted off, and lots of other stuff was taken as well," Chief Supt Leahy told the Dublin City Council central area Joint Policing Committee.

"They (criminals) were left in no uncertain terms that this was the local criminal assets profilers in Store Street.

"They have 10 targets, and that was one. I said at the last meeting it was going to be done and we got it done," the senior officer added.

Chief Supt Leahy also revealed how the criminal had been the prime target of local gardai over the past three years, and that operations will continue against nine other targets.

Gardai are acting on the concerns of local residents over 'problematic' criminals dealing a variety of drugs from heroin to 'benzos'.


Despite the proposed introduction of a 'Mini Cab' to seize the assets of organised crime gangs, the operations being run by Store Street gardai are in conjunction with the local drug unit.

So far this year, €815,000 worth of drugs have been seized in the north inner city - including over €360,000 worth of ecstasy and heroin worth €106,000.

The Criminal Assets Bureau (Cab) previously dealt a significant blow to associates of the Kinahan cartel when they carried out a number of raids in the Crumlin and Drimnagh areas of the capital earlier this year.

During the high-profile raids - which were carried out due to the increased tensions in the capital - over €1m worth of assets, including luxury cars and watches, were seized.