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Hi-tech gangs beating gardai

Criminals in jail have better technology and equipment than investigating gardai, it was claimed today.

Pat Rabbitte maintained detectives were trying to solve gangland killings without basic technological tools while inmates had access to smuggled in mobile phones or a BlackBerry.

The Labour Party spokesperson said: "Just one gun murder in eight will ever result in somebody ending up behind bars. It would appear that these thugs can act with virtual impunity."

Gardai have backed public sector workers in their fight against pay cuts by refusing to use their own mobile phones, laptops and cameras for work.

Mr Rabbitte said: "Criminals in our jails, with their mobile phones and their BlackBerries seem to be better equipped than the average garda."

Bloody Sunday report 'soon'

THE British government hopes the Bloody Sunday report will be published before a UK general election.

Shaun Woodward, the Northern Ireland Secretary, said he would do all he could to make the mammoth document available soon.

The £200m (€220m) inquiry was established in 1998 to examine the events of January 1972 when British soldiers shot 14 civil rights protesters dead in Derry.

Fans held after derby violence

FORTY football fans are being questioned today after violence broke at the Premiership derby match between Burnley and Blackburn.

The clash between the East Lancashire rivals yesterday resulted in arrests made up of both sets of fans.

Supt Terry Woods said: "Unfortunately we have had to deal with some disorder inside and outside the ground. The operation in place enabled us to successfully deal with pockets of disorder rapidly."

This is your pilot speaking posh

airline pilots "posh up" their accents to make them sound more professional,.

More than half of pilots said they used their "telephone voice" on the public address system on planes, a poll by travel agent www.sunshine.co.uk found.

Four in five passengers are more comfortable if the pilot has a 'good' accent.