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Heroic Irish sailors rescue 300 migrants from barge off coast of Tripoli



Irish Naval Service rescue operations are continuing to be successful with the safe recovery of 300 migrants off the coast of Tripoli this morning.

Men, women and children were among the migrants that were attempting to cross the Mediterranean in a barge.

The Irish naval vessel LE Eithne encountered the group some 45km north of Tripoli just after midnight.

The crew began extracting the 300 migrants from the barge, an operation that took some four hours.

Rescuees were given water, food and medical attention when aboard LE Eithne.

217 of the migrants are male, 35 are female and 48 are minors.

In a separate incident, the rescue ship came across an additional rubber dingy carrying approximately 100 migrants just before 10am.

The operation to bring them onboard is currently ongoing and crew are awaiting further instruction from the Italian Marine Rescue Co-Ordination Centre.

The latest rescues follow yesterday's mission where LE Eithne assisted in the rescue of a total of 201 off the coast of Libya.