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Hero students lift blazing car off trapped biker

A group of young students are being hailed as heroes after lifting a flaming car off a motorcyclist pinned underneath.

The motorcyclist had collided with the car in Utah and was trapped beneath the burning, twisted wreckage.

Ignoring the inferno, the students lined up with more than half a dozen others on one side of the car.

Within moments, they managed to lift the car just high enough for one of them to pull biker Brandon Wright to safety.

"The danger? I didn't think about it for a minute," said James Odei (35), from Ghana, who is studying statistics.

"All I wanted to do was grab that car and raise it."

The rescuers are being hailed as heroes after a video of the rescue went viral on the internet.


"They saved my life," said 21-year-old Utah State University Brandon from his hospital bed.

The crash happened near Utah State University in Logan, about 90 miles north of Salt Lake City. Brandon was on his way to study at a computer lab as a BMW was pulling out of a car park.

Tyre and skid marks on the road showed that Brandon laid the bike down and slid along the road before colliding with the car.

The bike hit the car's bonnet and bounced to the ground, while Mr Wright, who was not wearing a helmet, slid under the car and then both vehicles burst into flames,.

Brandon had broken legs and a broken pelvis. The driver of the car had minor injuries.