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Hero Roisin (11) battling injuries from fire attack


Roisin Halligan in hospital

Roisin Halligan in hospital

Roisin Halligan in hospital

THE mother of brave schoolgirl Roisin Halligan (11), who was badly burned while protecting her one-year-old cousin in a firebomb attack, has said she hopes to have her home by Christmas.

Roisin underwent another skin graft operation yesterday.

The young girl, pictured here heavily bandaged in her hospital bed in Cork, has undergone a series of skin grafts since a petrol bomb was thrown through the sitting room window of her grandmother's home in Waterford 11 days ago.

Her mother Sabrina (31) said she wanted people to realise the suffering inflicted on her courageous child by the violent attack.

"Roisin has just received her final skin graft. I'm just hoping she will be able to come home for Christmas," said the mother-of-six.

On the night of the fire bomb attack, Roisin jumped on her little cousin Lexi to shield her when the petrol bomb crashed through the window of the home of her grandmother Nelly Halligan at Ardmore Park, Ballybeg.

Roisin and Lexi needed emergency treatment for their burns at Cork University Hospital.

A three-month-old infant, William Halligan, suffered smoke inhalation and was treated at Waterford Regional Hospital.

The 66-year-old grandmother, who suffers from cancer, managed to fight the blaze with a fire extinguisher.

Sabrina said her daughter would need a long time to recover from her horrific burns.

"My mother has been staying a long time with her here at the hospital. I've been sleeping in a chair," said Sabrina.

"I'm just trying to stay strong for my children," she said.

Sabrina's sister Danielle told the Herald: "I'm stressed out by everything that has been happening.

"The family are hoping Roisin will be well enough to come home for Christmas."

She told the Herald previously that her niece was very badly burned and needed a number of operations.

"She is burnt everywhere - across her face, the back of her legs, her body, everywhere," she said.


Roisin has already had operations on her hands and feet.

A man has been charged in court in connection with the attack, including charges of reckless endangerment and criminal damage.

Nelly Halligan told the Herald: "I got the extinguisher. I started shouting 'someone - wet towels' but they were all in shock."

Two other young cousins were also in bed at the time of the attack, but escaped serious injuries.

Neighbours said they were horrified by the incident.