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Hero garda holds the line despite a gashed face at SF demo scuffle

A GARDA suffered a cut lip when he was struck in the face by Sinn Fein protesters.

The officer was attempting to police the demonstrators, who were marking the one-year anniversary of the IMF bailout.

Dozens of picketers had gathered outside European Union House on Molesworth Street and chained the front door shut.


However, when the garda attempted to open the door, he was struck in the face by a briefcase containing fake money. The officer suffered a split lip during the scuffle.

Photos taken after the incident show the garda, wearing high-visibility gear, with blood on his upper lip.

The publicity stunt saw Sinn Fein activists dress up in suits, bowler hats and brightly coloured wigs.

One poster read: "IMF's budget FAO Mr Gilmore and Mr Kenny".

Sinn Fein's Seonach Mac Aodh, who organised the protest, said it was an accident that the officer suffered the cut lip. He told reporters the garda thought they were about to go inside the building but they had not intended to.

Mr Mac Aodh said the group had apologised to the officer.

A Garda spokesman told the Herald today no official complaint had been made and there were no arrests.

More protests against the bailout are planned for the run-up to Budget Day on December 6.