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RTE has entered the season of repeats.

Summer is upon us and let's hope the weather holds up – because there won't be much on the box.

In financial terms, RTE is not in the same league as the UK stations.

Their rivals have the resources to invest in big budget summer shows – such as the revamped Big Brother on Channel 5 and the new period drama, The White Queen, on BBC.

RTE, on the other hand, will fall back on one of its favourite ways of saving money – wheeling out old shows. This year, the list of repeats seems endless. Rachel Allen's Easy Meals returns to our screens in a prime time 7pm slot.

Feargal Quinn's Retail Therapy is back without a bang, and the uninspiring Tracks And Trails is being repeated on RTE 1.

About The House, Mrs Brown's Boys and The Savage Eye are all being repeated too.

Old documentaries from the Reality Bites series are sprinkled throughout the schedule.

There are countless Simpsons repeats and – in case there is anyone in this country who still hasn't watched every episode of Father Ted umpteen times, it's also getting a run.

So is the less than riveting Don't Tell The Bride – this time without the suspense of wondering if everything is going to work out on the Big Day. Spoiler alert: it always does.

And RTE seems to think we should all be delighted with the chance to see it all again.


In a press release, the national broadcaster informs us that this is all for our benefit.

"For those who haven't had an opportunity to discover the rich drama content that has aired on RTE until now, this is a chance to engross yourself in any, or all, of it."

That is presented as the justification for a deluge of drama repeats: just when we thought it was gone for good, Raw is back – with both series four and five being repeated.

And so is Single Handed, Father & Son, Love/Hate and Hardy Bucks 2.

There have been some outstanding RTE series in recent years that richly deserve another showing.

Those who missed out on the buzz of seeing Love/Hate first time round will probably enjoy the chance to catch up before the fourth season begins.

But viewers are likely to ask if we need to have all of them repeated at the same time.