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Here's how you can put a little va-va-voom into your funeral...

WELL, you'll certainly be remembered.

This trike hearse is now available for hire at funerals and is expected to sell well.

The three-wheel motorcycle which pulls the hearse is expected to be a massive hit among biker fans, but will probably also fare well for those who want to inject a little humour into a sombre occasion.

The trike hearse is the latest idea of Robert and Cathie Adams and their company Omega Services.

Their trike hearse was unveiled at the recent Irish Funeral Trade exhibition in Mullingar.

"We would like both funeral directors and the public to be aware of this service," Robert said.


"It is not just for motor-cyclists but will be marketed as a 'unique way to say goodbye'. Over the past few years there has been an increasing move away from traditional funerals, with people looking for an alternative way in which to mark the passing of a loved one," he explained.

Cathie and Robert are gearing up for their next launch in December: a black tractor and hearse, aimed primarily at the farming community.

Robert and Cathie liaise with funeral directors who contact them on behalf of families from around Ireland.

The trike hearse comes three years after an Irish company unveiled customised coffins. Funeral firm The Finlay Group expanded its traditional range by joining forces with Oxford-based Colourful Coffins.

Finlay operations manager John McArdle claimed the picture coffins helps to meet increasing demand for more choice.

"The coffins express each person's individuality," he said. "For some people, that would be flowers; for others it would be Chelsea blue, the Old Trafford crest or an image of the Eiffel Tower. The amount of images are endless."