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Here's hoping... we're hopping to a world record in the sack race

AND they're off... to break a world record.

Thousands of Irish children are hoping to hop their way into a world record this weekend.

The attempt at staging the biggest ever sack race will take place at the finals of the HSE Community Games.

Children from all 32 counties have already signed up to enter the competition but organisers say they want to break the record in style.

The accolade for the biggest race is held by a Dutch university and stands at 2,095 participants.

But, with 3,200 children due to take part in sports and cultural activities at the Community Games finals at Athlone Institute of Technology, organisers hope to take the lead.

The race is being organised in conjunction with Killeen and is in aid of the Jack and Jill Foundation.


Rules say that each participant must be standing in the sack with both feet together at the starting line.

Only jumping is allowed and anyone caught running during the 100m course will be disqualified and not counted in the final tally.

The sack race starts at 7pm tomorrow and all late entries are welcome.