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Her worried call was the last we heard

THE mother of Jill Meagher urged anyone with information about her daughter's whereabouts to contact the police.

An emotional Edith Mc-Keon, who lives in Perth, said the family received a call from a "worried" Jill in the early hours of Saturday.

"My husband (George) had a stroke a couple of weeks ago and she was over in Ireland and she cut the holidays short to come back to see him," Edith said.

"She rang (Edith's son) Michael at 2am on Saturday morning and she sounded worried. There were people in the background and that's the last we've heard from her," she said.

"We were asleep. Michael just went, 'Jillian, I don't want to wake dad up'. She just went 'I'm worried, I'm worried'."

She then hung up and that was the last the family heard from her.

Michael came down downstairs and tried ringing her back.

"It just went on to voice-mail," Edith said.

She urged anyone who may have seen anything to contact police.

"Any information possible could help, so please ring," she said.