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'Henry Street was being swept with fire'

FOUR rebels who fought on Henry Street later gave these accounts to the Bureau of Military History.

Men, women and even children seemed to have gone mad. In the cellars of one house in Henry Street I saw them wading in wine more than a foot deep
- Denis Daly, GPO

There was a great deal of fun during the week. In Henry Street there was an institution called the Wax Works…it was not long 'til a number of our troops were arrayed in various uniforms and costumes from the wax figures...the playing…and the singing…made a good deal of time pass very pleasantly
- James Kavanagh, GPO

The garrison crossed Henry Place into Henry Street. There was now considerable firing down Henry Street…as our men passed [a] house there was fire from five to ten rifles…the house was held by our own men, but they did not know who were approaching and thought we were the British
- Joe Good (inset), GPO

[At] the side door leading into Henry Street Pearse was watching…the street being swept with fire from the Mary Street direction, we had to make a dash across in ones and twos
- Frank Burke, GPO

[After the surrender] Covered by [the British] machine guns…we turned in to Henry Street under their orders…when we reached Nelson's Pillar and halted for a moment, we saw for the first time the state of the late HQ of the Republic - in ruins and still smouldering
- Thomas Leahy, GPO