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Henry Street shoppers 'spend €27 more than those on Grafton Street'


Henry Street

Henry Street

Henry Street

Shoppers on Henry Street are outspending those on Grafton Street, a survey has revealed.

Consumers are forking out €84 on average during a shopping spree on Henry Street, while just €57 is being spent on Grafton Street - long considered the country's most upmarket shopping thoroughfare.

The average spend across the city is €70.


The new study, published by the National Transport Authority (NTA), also highlighted the importance of public transport in bringing shoppers into the city, with around 80pc of shoppers using modes of transport other than a car.

The survey of more than 1,600 people on the two streets, conducted in October, investigated spend, motivation and travel habits of visitors to the city centre.

Business group Dublin Town, which represents over 2,500 businesses in the city centre, welcomed the survey and said there were a number of reasons for the higher spend on the northside's main shopping street.

"Henry Street is actually much longer than Grafton Street and there are more shops on the street, which explains the increased spend," CEO Richard Guiney said.

"There are also more shopping centres like the Ilac and Jervis centres and this is reflected in the high rates paid in outlets in these centres."

He noted that the report highlighted the important role public transport plays in bringing shoppers into the city and adding that it "makes Dublin city centre very sustainable in the long run".