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Hendricks - no Irish roots in hair dye

Mad Men bombshell Christina Hendricks has said that people think she's Irish because of her trademark red locks.

But she revealed how her mum dyed her blonde hair when she was younger as she was just "drawn to redheads" like Lucy Ball.

Although her father is British, hailing from Birmingham, the actress (39) hasn't got a shred of Irish ancestry.

"One day my mom said: 'Let's get one of those cover-the-grey rinses from the grocery store. And I was over-the-moon thrilled because I was a white blonde kid and suddenly I showed up at school the next day with flaming red hair.

"My teacher was like: 'What did you mother do to you?' And I said: 'I'm finally myself'. That was a pretty cool mom thing to do."

"I love when people think I'm Irish. I think that makes me sound more romantic. It's like being a dancer," she added.

"And I do freckle. So during my Goth years, I'd add on baby 
powder just to add to the pale."


Yet she says that having such a distinctive hair colour hasn't always helped her in the acting business.

"You get, 'Oh you look very period.' Not a specific period. Just not this one," she said.

The American beauty has worked steadily for the past decade and was a cult sensation for her role on Joss Whedon's Firefly, before she landed the part of sexy secretary Joanie in Mad Men.

"That was strange because it was one of those shows that people only recognised years later. But it's a bit like Mad Men. You have the luxury of easing yourself into a phenomenon.

"And then one day, people are calling 'Joanie!' from the other side of the street. It's so sweet."

And she told The Ticket that she loved playing the part as Joanie "wasn't just one thing".

"She was resilient and confident and even when she was dealt some really lousy stuff, she seemed to learn from things. She was a smart cookie.

"I loved that every week, I would get a script and I would read it and think: 'Oh Wow, Joan does that this week.'"