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Help me track down owner of dogs rescued from road

A DUBLIN councillor who found two gorgeous dogs abandoned on a busy road is appealing to their owner to come forward.

Cllr Lettie McCarthy from Stepaside found the stray dogs wandering down the Enniskerry Road at the Belarmine Roundabout at 9.30pm on Thursday, July 22.

And after one week of searching for their owner through garda stations and local announcements, nobody has come forward.

"I'm hoping that it's a situation that they're not abandoned and the owner is frantically looking for them," she told the Herald.

The pets appear to be a well-groomed Samoyed and a dog from the pitbull family.

"I was just walking my own dog when I saw them. They appeared to have no road sense, and they were a danger to themselves and other road users, in terms of running in front of a car. They were lashing back and forward across the road," explained the politician.

The dogs have no names on their collars and, while one of them is microchipped, the phone number on display continually rings through to voicemail.

"These dogs could have travelled for miles. I hope it isn't a sign of the recession that people who have dogs realise they're too expensive to keep. It might be food for thought for people who are thinking of getting a dog.

"The Samoyed was well-groomed and used to a lot of care and attention. We've rang the garda stations around and left messages with the DSPCA, and done as much as we can do."

The Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Cathaoirleach believes that the dogs share the same owner because they are not used to being separated from each other.

"They were definitely kept together because when they're separated they get upset. It's obvious when they were out that they're not used to being without a lead. They were so excited and running all over the place."

Cllr McCarthy is hoping for a happy reunion between the dogs and their owner, and she's appealing to anyone with information to contact her.

"It's over a week now, and it's getting very worrying that no one has come looking for them. But I hope the owners will be delighted when they're reunited with them. I find it hard to believe that someone would have just abandoned them."