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Help me find my mother, she's been horsenapped -- foal Swayze's sad plight

A DONKEY foal is distressed after his mother was snatched from an animal shelter by cruel thieves.

Hailey the donkey was snatched from the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) centre in Rathfarnham.

The theft has left her foal fretting and lonely.

The raiders also stole Kerry, a white and brown pony and Napoleon, a black and white Falabella miniature stallion.

"Hailey is in a very distressed state," said DSPCA spokeswoman Orla Aungier.


"Obviously he doesn't understand where his mother has gone and he is braying all the time.

"Staff were absolutely heartbroken when they discovered that these three equine were stolen and they just want to see them reunited."

DSPCA staff believe last weekend's raid was a planned abduction.

The fence at the shelter was cut and staff discovered on the foal, the pony and miniature horse had been taken. The thefts took place between 7.30pm on Saturday night last and 6am on Sunday morning.

Ms Aungier added: "It was clearly a planned attack carried out by someone who had scoped out the area. They brought implements to cut through the fencing and hedges

"It was from an area that wasn't easy to get in.

"These people clearly knew the perimeters of the shelter's land.

"They had wire cutting equipment and saws and they would have needed a horse box in order to take them."

Although the charitable organisation has CCTV cameras installed on the grounds, they do not have enough to cover their 38 acres.

"They are not really worth much on the market, but they have an emotional value," Ms Aungier said.

"These animals came to us, rescued from cruelty or abandonment."

The operations manager at the DSPCA is appealing for anyone who noticed a vehicle and trailer or horsebox outside the sanctuary on Mount Venus Road to contact them.


"Maybe someone noticed a vehicle parked up or animals being loaded up into a horsebox," Ms Aungier said.

"We are asking the public to look at the photos and see if they recognise these horses or spot them anywhere."

Anyone with any further information are being asked to contact the DSPCA on 01 4935504 or the Garda in Rathfarnham on 01 6666500.