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Help, I have no offer ... Don't panic, here are your options

Vacant places: The CAO vacant places is a facility whereby students can apply for places on courses that are not filled. The process started during the summer and was closed for a period to facilitate the Round One offers.

From noon tomorrow, a continuously-updated list of courses with available places can be found on

Those candidates who have already registered with the CAO may make an application for a vacant place at no extra cost. Applicants who have not yet registered with the CAO may apply for vacant places for a fee of €40.Applicants must meet the minimum entry requirements for the course they are apply to, and they will then be ranked on points in comparison to other vacant places applicants.

Further information may be found on page 4 of the CAO handbook.

Study in Europe: Universities all over Europe offer courses through English, even in countries where English is not the main language. Many of these courses have lower entry requirements than Irish courses as well as low fees. Some universities are receiving applications at present. For more information, students should see studyineurope.ie or unicas.ie. UNICAS is a central applications service for applying for courses in Europe.

PLC/Further Education: The PLC/further education sector offers courses that can be taken over one or two years. These qualifications lead to level 5 and level 6 FETAC awards. They are excellent qualifications that students can use to enter the world of work or gain entry to universities and institutes of technology. Applicants who are interested in applying for a PLC at this time should contact their local PLC college to ask about availability and dates of interviews.

UK/UCAS: There are many options still available in the UK. UCAS, the centralised agency processing applications for colleges in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales, goes through a process called clearing where any available places can be applied for by any student whether they have already applied to UCAS or not. As CAO offers were released, there were 355 UK third-level colleges offering courses. Among these were 56 at the University of Ulster, including psychology and computers.