| 11.6°C Dublin

Heat is on to make the most of the sunshine

What's seldom is truly wonderful this summer -- so grab the hours of sunshine we have been promised over the next few days.

Beaches and barbecues are the options as the sun beams through the rain clouds. But make the most of every minute because the glimpse of summer will only last until Saturday evening. By Sunday, the rain is due back with a vengeance.

The wet weather is expected to put a dampener on the Olympics closing ceremony in London where thousands will fill the stadium for the official closure of the Games and the extinguishing of the Olympic flame.

In the meantime here, foggy, mild, warm conditions each night will lift each morning to bring hazy sunshine and temperatures of up to 25C.

Today the widespread fog -- some of it very dense -- cleared bringing sunshine and pushing the mercury up to 24C. Tomorrow when the fog lifts it will be even hotter with temperatures moving up to 25C and Saturday too will be dry and warm with a light breeze.

On Saturday temperatures will drop back to between 17 and 22C. The now familiar downpours return on Sunday and continue right into next week.