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Heartbroken mum tells of hor ror moment husband rang to say he had ki lled her boys

Grieving mother Kathleen Chada today revealed the horrific moment her husband phoned her to relay how he had killed their two children.

The bodies of Eoghan (10) and Ruairi (5) were found in the boot of their father Sanjeev's car on July 29, 2013, after it crashed into a wall near Westport, Co Mayo, with their dad in the driver's seat.

Yesterday Mr Chada was handed two life sentences in the Central Criminal Court for the murder of his two sons after he pleaded guilty to the crimes.

Speaking on the Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk this morning Kathleen was asked by the broadcaster if she heard the "awful news" directly from her husband.

"Yeah, from Sanjeev himself. I just went hysterical and handed the phone over straight away.


"One of the detectives was actually with me at the time so he took over the call and I still didn't believe it.

"I was stunned and I suppose the fact that I was talking to him led me to think he's exaggerating, it couldn't be. They're unconscious or they're just quiet because if he was alive and able to talk to me then at that moment, in my mind, they had to be [alive[.

"All he told was that they were in the back of the car and I just thought well there in they're car seats.

"I don't even know the time frame but it was the longest, longest moments waiting. I had thought that what was going to come through at that stage, [was] confirmation that the boys were OK and that I just needed to get to them in hospital.

"I don't know what I remember from those moments in many ways. There are some things that stand out then a lot of it is very fuzzy," Kathleen said.

The court heard yesterday that Sanjeev Chada (44) had run up debts of €500,000 from gambling. His wife rejected suggestions that their marriage was about to end although admitted that things were strained between them.

The boys' cause of death was through strangulation.

This morning, Kathleen said that the father of her children did not try and rationalise his actions when he phoned her.

She said it "shows the utter selfishness with him because even if that had happened [marriage break-up], and there was no indication of that, I had said I didn't know where our relationship was going to go, but I hadn't indicated that I wanted him gone.

"I had suggested or we had talked about him going to have to look at work, at the possibility of work, and you know we had to look to the future and paying back the money and that would have involved the possibility of him going to the UK," she said.


Kathleen clarified that their relationship had not come to an end.

"Our relationship hadn't broken down in that way and you know even if it had, it was of his doing, so I suppose I was quite angry in the court myself yesterday as I thought there is no excuse, no justification for what he did on any level," she added.

Kathleen said that she has not spoken to her husband over the course of the last 14 months, since her children were murdered.

"No I can't there's nothing to say."

She stated that her grief is only now beginning after the court case yesterday.

"I talk about a long road ahead but to be honest I don't even think I've reached the road yet.

"I have a strong faith and that has gotten me so far.


"And I do believe that the boys are with me and are with me every step of the way on this.

"I have a very strong feeling of them around me and with me particularly in my own home as I said I am lucky that I have happy memories and that's what getting me through," she said.

The Carlow woman explained that she has great family and community support around her now.

"I have a very strong family and incredibly supportive family around me.

"The kids go up and visit the grave, they smile at me and wave when they see me.

"Nobody puts their heads down when they see me," she said.

When asked if she would you have preferred if Sanjeev had succeeded in taking his own life instead of serving a life sentence, she admitted it would have been easier.

"In a lot of ways it would have been easier had he succeeded himself. In the circumstances it would have been easier if he had gone himself at the time," she stated.

Yesterday in the Central Criminal Court Mr Justice Paul Carney handed down two life sentences to Chada to run concurrently with each other.

The psychiatric report which was prepared heard that Chada suffered from "cognitive dissonance", but that it did not qualify him for a defence under the Insanity Act.

His defence barrister Brendan Grehan said his client was under suicide watch in the Central Mental Hospital.