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Heartbreak of mum in wait on Paul's remains

THE mother of missing Tallaght man Paul Byrne has said she is heartbroken at delays in identifying human remains discovered in a remote Wicklow forest more than a month ago which are believed to be those of her son.

The bones were found by forestry workers at Ballyfolan, near manor Kilbride, in west Wicklow, on July 29, but now, more than a month later, the body has not yet been officially identified.

"I can't understand why it is taking so long. I have rung the gardai about it but I haven't got any answers yet," Paul's mother Ashley Dempsey told the Herald.


"It is heartbreaking and I can't move on until I know for sure. I believe the remains are Paul's, but we are still waiting to hear for sure," she added.

"I have asked where the remains are, where they are being tested, and if they went to England, but I'm still none the wiser. I'm having a meeting with the gardai about it this week," Ashley said.

"I rang the coroner and pathologist's office too, but they told me to get in touch with the gardai," she added.

Ashley has said she fully believes the bones and personal effects discovered by forestry workers are those of her son, but a painstaking DNA analysis has to be gone through before she can know for sure.

The grim discovery was made by the forest workers clearing land. A search of the area then yielded a bracelet and keys thought to be Paul's.

Gardai are anxious to positively identify the remains so they can launch a murder hunt for Paul's killers.

But the DNA identification process is a painstaking and time consuming one. Paul's family are bracing themselves for the news they have been waiting for since July 15 last year when he got into a wine-coloured Mitsubishi car outside his home in Kilmartin Green, in Tallaght, never to be seen again.

Paul is presumed to have been murdered by a criminal gang -- despite the fact that he has no criminal record and was not known to have been in any trouble.

Sources close to the family say they are surprised Paul got into the car, even though he knew who was in it.