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Heartbreak as man's best friend is 'killed by poisoned meat'


Ian McFadden and Khaleesi

Ian McFadden and Khaleesi

Ian McFadden and Khaleesi

A heartbroken Co Meath dog owner, whose beloved German shepherd died after she was apparently poisoned, has appealed for information to help find her killers.

Ian McFadden is devastated after his "best friend in the world", Khaleesi, died after ingesting a severe dose of what he said the vet described as crow poison on Friday night.

In a sinister development, Mr McFadden has discovered another pet nearby in Gibbstown also died after being poisoned on the same night.

The 27-year-old, who says Khaleesi helped him through some "tough times", has urged all dog owners to be vigilant.

"On Friday night, my best friend in the world was killed. We are awaiting toxicology reports but my vet believes she was poisoned by what's known as crow poison," he said.

"My sister walked her and our collie at 5.30pm and Khaleesi was jumping all over the place and was fine.

"I arrived home at 5.55pm and normally she is always out the front and runs to greet me before I even open the car door but she was nowhere to be seen.

"I walked around the side of the house and she was lying there. She wouldn't even acknowledge me, even when I offered her a treat. She was deteriorating by the minute so we rushed her to the vet's.

"Even when I tried to get the harness on her, she was collapsing. The vet saw her at 7pm but by 7.15pm she was dead.

"I believe someone threw a piece of meat laced with poison over the gate to get rid of her and rob the place as she's a great guard dog.

"I've since found out another dog was poisoned on the same night up the road from us, while another dog was poisoned in an estate in Navan. Both are also dead.

"I live on a farm and we are insured. They could've taken anything they wanted. I would've handed them my car keys. They didn't have to kill my friend.

"I moved to America eight years ago and lost touch with a lot of people so when I moved back, she was all I had and she helped me through some tough times."


In a social media post, Mr McFadden added: "If anyone has any information or saw anyone acting suspiciously around Gibbstown or the surrounding area on Friday night, please let the gardai know at Navan.

"Please keep an eye on your dogs and what is happening because no one deserves to be put through this much grief."

Gardai in Navan say they are aware of the alleged incident but that no formal complaint has been received at this stage by any party.