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Heartache on missing grandad's birthday

THE family of missing pensioner Thomas Kennedy will today mark his 82nd birthday without him.

Two months after he disappeared, the much-loved grandad will be remembered as his desperate relatives gather in Finglas.

All attempts so far to find him or learn what has happened to him have failed.

"We don't really know how we will get through it," said his devastated daughter-in-law Claire Kennedy.


Mr Kennedy's youngest grandchildren, who are only two and four, still have no idea that their grandad is missing.

Heartbreakingly, they have been told he is in hospital and that is why he has not been home. Both children live in his house.

Before he went missing, Mr Kennedy was hospitalised for a spell, which makes it easier for the younger children to believe that is where he is.

"Every day you wake up and think that today is the day," Ms Kennedy told the Herald.

"We just want closure one way or another now whether it's good news or bad.

"The family are not giving up. It might sound ridiculous, but we are hoping against hope that he is just down the country somewhere and has lost his memory. It only takes one positive sighting."

Searches are continuing in Finglas, spearheaded by the civil defence.

Mr Kennedy was last seen near his home on July 29 at around 9pm.

Since then there have been only two possible sightings, neither of which turned up any solid information.