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Health risks linked to HRT disappear as therapy ends

Good news for women in their 50s -- the health risks related to hormone replacement therapy with oestrogen, aimed at treating menopause symptoms, might go away after women stop the treatments, according to a study.

Research focusing on more than 7,000 women showed that while both stroke and blood clots increased during HRT, there was no significant difference in health risks after 10 years between those who took hormones for treatment and those who hadn't, the study -- published in the Journal of the American Medical Association -- said.

"But that doesn't mean continuing to take them for five to 10 years won't have some health risks emerge," said Graham Colditz, at the Washington University School of Medicine.

The study centred on some of the women who had also participated in the US government-funded Women's Health Initiative, the study that first raised concerns about the safety of hormone therapy.