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Health fears over phone masts at pool


The biggest phone mast in Ireland?

The biggest phone mast in Ireland?

The biggest phone mast in Ireland?

IS this swimming pool "Ireland's biggest phone mast"?

Around 50 mobile phone and telecommunication devices on top of a Dublin swimming pool are a "serious health risk" and "an eyesore", it was claimed today.

The sheer quantity of masts at the Coolock pool is "shocking and scary", according to Fine Gael TD Terence Flanagan.

"The pool at the Northside Shopping Centre must be the largest phone mast in the country," he said.

According to Deputy Flanagan there is widespread concern in the area about "the massive cluster of mobile phone masts".

The pool is used on a daily basis by children and during the school terms a number of local primary schools use it for swimming lessons.

Although there were initially just a few small pieces of equipment on the roof, it has been consistently added to in recent years.

Dublin City Council were unable to confirm exactly how many masts are on the building but locals estimate that there could be as many as 50.

"I was shocked to discover through further investigation that there is an alarming proliferation of mobile phone masts and telecommunication equipment," said Deputy Flanagan, adding: "There are serious health risks associated with mobile phone masts."

He has now demanded that the Dublin City Council Manager John Tierney make a statement on the issue and "provide a comprehensive report as why they are all needed".

"I also want clarification in writing that people's health and especially that of the children using the pool is not been affected by radiation," added Deputy Flanagan.

However, when repeatedly questioned about the masts, Dublin City Council was unable to provide information about the number of masts, their purpose or how much the Council is earning by allowing them to be erected.

It said that the matter has been passed from the North Central Area Management to the Planning Enforcement section for investigation.