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Healer forced to scrap 'sick babies' ads

TWO spiritual healing companies have been chastised by a standards authority for fear that their advertisement could discourage people from seeking professional medical advice for serious conditions.

A medical practitioner lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) over claims that an ad from Donald Moore Healing was misleading and purported to help "sick babies".

The advertisement for the "multi-level psychic" and healer outlined that he had "special interest in sick babies for a whole new world, health and happiness".

But the ASAI said that claims about health and beauty treatments should be backed by substantiation.

The committee considered that the advertisement could discourage people and in particular parents of children from seeking professional medical advice for serious medical conditions.

Another healer, Seventh Heaven Healing, run by Kelly Mackey was challenged over claims in relation to distant healing and medical advice from the spirit world.

However, Ms Mackey believed that the individual that had made the complaint was looking for scientific proof, but she worked from a spiritual perspective.

She added that she only ever treats individuals when all medical treatments have been exhausted.

She said that she wished to clarify that under no circumstances has she ever treated an individual with a serious illness like cancer.

Nonetheless, the ASAI ruled that the advertiser had not submitted evidence for the claims.

The final ruling was that neither of the advertisements must run again in their current format.