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Heads you pay...tails you eat for free!

A Dublin restaurant is defying the recession -- by offering customers the option to flip a coin to see if they have to pay.

Bloom Brasserie on Upper Baggot Street is determined to "keep up with the competition" during the economic downturn and has created Toss Up Tuesday to offer their customers a potential steal.

Owner and chef Pol O hEann-raich explained they wanted to offer the unique service since the credit crunch worsened and business began to suffer.

"We're just trying to be innovative as a way to boost business," he told the Herald.

"We believe we are on par with a lot of the others [Dublin restaurants], if not better and we're trying to introduce new customers and as far as I know we're the first restaurant in Ireland to do this."

The offer applies to lunchtime meals on Tuesdays and sees customers flip a coin determining whether or not they will have to pay for their meal. And sceptics have been warned that there is no double sided coin -- customers can bring their own to flip.


Although it is a risky move that half of their customers will potentially walk out of the plush eatery with their wallets just as heavy as when they walked in, the owners are happy to take the risk.

"Milano's across the way is our biggest competition and they're giving offers away left, right and centre.

"We can't afford to be giving away offers like that all the time, but this way leaves you with a 50/50 chance.

"It creates a buzz as each individual has to wait and see if they will have to pay.

"It only applies to groups of four or less simply because there wouldn't be enough time to wait and see the result of everyone flipping their coin."