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Head-on bus crash kills 10

A head-on crash between two buses in southern China killed 10 people and injured 43 in the second major bus accident in two days.

The buses, one carrying 55 people and the other 28, collided on a road in Hechi city in Guangxi province.

A truck and bus crashed head-on and burst into flames yesterday in northeastern Liaoning province, killing 32 people and injuring 24.

Road accidents are common in China because of overloaded and unsafe vehicles, poor roads and bad driving habits.

Handcuffs no bar to escape

A detained Malaysian car theft suspect has fled by driving off in a police cruiser while still in handcuffs.

The 33-year-old man sneaked into the police car and fled shortly after his arrest while police officers were distracted with questioning another man in northern Kelantan state.

The car was found abandoned several hours later, but the suspect had escaped.

Tattoos give away burglar

US police said a suspect in a home break-in had the evidence written all over his face.

A tattoo on the upper lip of 20-year-old Anthony Brandon Gonzales led to his arrest last week over the burglary at the home of an Elvis impersonator in Pueblo County, Colorado.

A witness told police that one of the invaders had "East Side" tattooed on his upper lip. Gonzales also has a 13 tattooed on his chin.

The tattoos were visible even though Gonzales was wearing a mask.

Chavez chides careless driver

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has a new pet hate: speeding drivers, he says, are creating mayhem on the country's roads.

Mr Chavez says he was recently tailgated in the slow lane by a man in a truck who unknowingly blew his horn at the president and then passed him on the inside.

Mr Chavez did not let it go at that. He said he chased down the vehicle and scolded the remorseful motorist.

He urged police to crack down on speeding and spread the word that reckless driving will not be tolerated.