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He was a gentleman, says wife of slain drug dealer Corbally

THE Family of murdered criminals the Corbally brothers have defended their loved ones -- claiming they were "gentlemen".

A grieving woman claiming to be Paul Corbally's wife reacted angrily to calls being made to a late night phone-in show, after members of the public described the shocking ways that the Corballys called in their debts.


"He was no f**king scumbag. He was a f**king gentleman," she said in defence of the slain Corbally brother.

"I didn't say he was an angel, but he was a gentleman."

The woman rang the chat show in response to on-air claims that the brothers ran fish hooks through the lips of terrified addicts who owed them money.

They also claimed that the brothers drove a jeep through the door of a nightclub when they were refused entry, injuring four people.

The Adrian Kennedy phone-in show was inundated with calls describing what they said were the vicious tactics adopted by Paul (35) and Kenneth (32).

A furious woman claiming to be their sister "Lorraine" came on the air to rubbish the claims being made.

"That is people talking bulls**t," she said.

"It shouldn't be allowed. My mother and my father are grieving their sons.

"We are in the height of grief."

The furious "sibling" told callers to get their "facts right".

"Go and get a life and before they make comments and suggestions about my brothers they would want to get their facts right.

"It's a walking disgrace."

Then the woman claiming to be Paul Corbally's wife "Catherine" went on air to chastise the people of Clondalkin.


"The people in Clondalkin should be ashamed of themselves. The whole lot of them are rats."

She claimed that both she and the couple's son witnessed Paul's body at the scene.

Another caller to the FM104 show said that he was appalled by the scene of the double homicide and described the slain brothers as "sound".

"I was at the scene of the shooting and the bodies were on the road for everyone to see. It was a bleeding disaster. I knew the two lads, I knew them well and they were sound lads."