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'He asked to perform oral sex on me in restaurant toilet', claims musician


Al Porter

Al Porter

Al Porter

A young musician has accused Al Porter of offering him oral sex in a restaurant toilet at a televised event.

The man in his 20s, who spoke on the grounds of anonymity, told the Herald that prior to the incident, the comedian had been making unwanted lewd remarks to him throughout the night.

The event paired up two strangers to take part in a mock marriage ceremony in a premises on South King Street, Dublin.

Porter acted as the chaplain during the event and subsequently followed the couples on their date in a city centre restaurant.

"We walked into this little chapel and were paired up with the girls we were getting married to," said the man.

"When Al Porter approached me, he said: "Are you up for getting your d**k wet tonight?'. He laughed it off and said: 'Everyone's single and up for a laugh'.

"I replied: 'I'm just here for the free food and drink'."


The comedian allegedly made a second remark to the man when he was sitting opposite two girls participating in the show.

"He was talking to them and then turned to me: 'If she doesn't f**k you, I will'.

"I was starting to get very annoyed at this stage and couldn't stop thinking of how vile this guy is," he said.

Later, Porter allegedly engaged with the man in the toilet of a city restaurant.

"It was only the two of us in there. He asked if I was a having a good night so far then whispered something into my ear. I asked him to repeat it and he said, dead seriously: 'Do you want your d**k sucked?'," the man claimed.

The source said he responded very angrily to Porter and warned him not to make any more remarks to him.

"He told me he was only joking, but I said sexual harassment isn't funny," he said.


The young man said he made sure everyone involved in the production knew what happened before leaving.

"I told them I had enough and said I didn't want anything to do with their show.

"They were extremely apologetic, but said there was nothing they could do besides forwarding my complaints to his management team."

The musician decided not to approach Porter's managers as he believed no action would be taken.

"I'm not scarred, but the more people who talk about their negative experiences with Al the more they will be taken seriously," he said.