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Christmas is little more than a week away, and with thoughts turning to gift buying, you have to feel for Jennifer Aniston's fiance, Justin Theroux. What do you buy one of the most famous women in the world, whose net worth is estimated to be around 150million US Dollars?

"Oh, I'm easy to buy for - the littlest things, like gestures of love," says Aniston. "Who needs more things? I'd rather give that money to the people who need it. You know, just write me a nice card," she adds, gesturing with her hand as she speaks, inadvertently flashing the rock of an engagement ring on her finger.

The actress, wearing a black pencil skirt and sleeveless pale pink top is looking fresh-faced despite the jet lag. And yes, her face does move. There are even faint frown lines, which is rare these days in Hollywood.

She's just flown in to London with her Horrible Bosses 2 co-stars Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day and Jason Bateman - and is having a blast.

"Jason called it 'movie camp' on the plane here. We saw Benedict Cumberbatch and all descended on him and I think he signed up for the third movie. I'm announcing it right here," she jokes.


Fresh from LA, she confesses she's having trouble getting her head around the fact Christmas is almost upon us. "It is so hot out there at the moment," says the 45-year-old, who lives on the West Coast while Theroux is based on the East, shooting TV series The Leftovers.

Just as was the case during her marriage (and subsequent divorce) to Brad Pitt, and ensuing relationships with her The Break-Up co-star Vince Vaughn and singer John Mayer, their bi-coastal set-up has been the subject of immense dissection.

Even the fact they haven't announced a wedding date despite being engaged for two years, after meeting on the set of 2012's Wanderlust, has resulted in people questioning the status of their relationship.

No wonder Aniston admits there are times when she craves anonymity.

"I do, is that terrible?" she asks. "But I think anybody under that microscope would like a day of being invisible." She pauses for a second, then adds: "None of it's true. You know what your life is like and you know what happens when you go home and shut the door and hang with the dogs and hang with the boyfriend."

Having shot to global fame as Rachel Green in Friends 20 years ago, she tries not to let the headlines and global tittle-tattle affect her, but admits "it's taken time to thicken up my skin in terms of what people project on to me".

"Finally, after years and years of people saying, 'Don't pay attention to it', a few years ago, I finally started abiding by that," she adds.

It was about that time she signed up to 2011's Horrible Bosses, a comedy about three guys who devise a plan to bump off their monstrous supervisors, but mess up at every turn.

Aniston played one of those bosses, nymphomaniac Dr Julia Harris. Known as Hollywood's 'good girl', her casting left jaws on the floor, which is exactly why she couldn't wait to return to the role of the filthy-talking dentist.

"Honestly, that role is a treat and they don't come along very often, not for me, especially. They were unsure I'd even say yes and I couldn't even believe they offered it to me, so I was psyched about coming back."

In the sequel, Dr Julia appears to be making strides towards conquering her demons and is even offering up her own office as an after-hours meeting place for her therapy group.

"She's trying to better herself," explains Aniston. "She's in a sex addiction group and we're thinking she's doing pretty well this time."


But, it transpires, she's actually using the get-togethers as a chance to find new partners in crime.

"I think she knows that everyone at those meetings is pretty vulnerable and on the verge of falling off the wagon, so for her, it's another avenue for flirtation. She's not well, she's just not.

"But to her, there's nothing wrong or deviant about herself. She describes sex and approaches it as a chef would approach a wonderful meal to be made. It's like sport."

She might've spouted some filth in the last movie but she outdoes herself this time around, not least in a scene with her good friend Bateman.

"After take one or two, you get over the shock of saying things, especially to one of your friends of over 20 years. You stop blushing and feeling embarrassed, and then it's pretty fun and silly. I think we were just trying to out-squirm each other," admits Aniston, whose own worst job, she reveals, was telemarketing.

"I was trying to sell timeshares. And I stress trying I never managed to sell one."

It's her upcoming movie Cake which is creating awards buzz, following its debut at this year's Toronto International Film Festival where it received a standing ovation.

Aniston plays Claire, a woman coping with chronic pain who initiates a dubious relationship with a widower while concocting hallucinations of his dead wife.


Ahead of filming, the actress, famed for her honed physique, stopped working out so she could gain a few pounds, and in the movie sports a make-up-free face and unwashed hair.

"It was such an extraordinary experience and the hardest thing I'd ever done creatively thus far, but on a personal and creative level, it was so important to me. I have been dying to do something like that for a long time," she says.

Horrible Bosses 2 is in cinemas