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Hayley is living it up in France after splitting with rugby boyfriend Kearney

Well-known beauty Hayley Ryan is clearly enjoying the single life in the wake of her split from Dave Kearney.

The doe-eyed model and Bucks Townhouse hostess partied with pals in the millionaires' playground of San Tropez. It's obviously single season among the rugby lads - Holly Carpenter (pictured) has also confirmed she and Cian Healy have gone their separate ways.

News of their relationship ending was met with surprise by those in social circles as there had been no indication that anything was amiss between them.

And Hayley (26), who had been dating Rob Kearney's brother (25) for three years, doesn't look like she's letting the grass grow under her feet as she soaked up the sunshine in the south of France.

She has taken a leaf out of Holly's book, who is heading off on a girls' holiday to Marbella shortly.

Hayley hit the hot spots of Nikki Beach in San Tropez along with the uber-chic restaurant La Brasserie des Arts as she made the most of her time away.

The previous week saw the party girl enjoying the delights of Ibiza as she took time out from working in Bucks.

Assets model Hayley was also in the exclusive Blue Marlin restaurant, which is the same venue Rosanna Davison had her post-nuptial bash after marrying Wes Quirke.

Hayley had been dating Dave since 2011. She even travelled over to Paris with the rest of the WAGs as they cheered on Ireland to claim their amazing Six Nations victory last March.

Hayley was pictured with fellow beauties Amy Huberman and Aoife Cogan as they lined out to support their other halves.

And she and Dave, who met after a mutual friend introduced them, even kept up a long-distance relationship when she went over to New York to intern last year.


She had intended spending the year interning for a marketing company but after several months slogging away, decided to come back home.

Hayley then set her sights on becoming a fashion stylist as it's something that she's "really passionate about".

"So I'm going to see what things are like on the other side of the lens - I want to start working as a stylist," she said.

"I know I can't be a model forever - I'm too small. So I've started helping out on shoots."