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Having children didn't hurt my career - Una Foden


Una Fodden

Una Fodden

Una Fodden

Una Foden has revealed she doesn't believe having children has "jeopardised her career".

The Tipperary native is married to English rugby player Ben Foden and they have two children together, Aoife Belle (three) and four-month-old Tadhg.

"Becoming a mum is a really natural progression in my life.

"I don't think it's changed my career - it definitely hasn't jeopardised it," she said.

"Aoife is an amazing help.

"She likes to help out changing nappies and she totally adores him [Tadhg]."

Despite Tadhg only being a few months old, she is already being asked if she'll have more children.

"Right now that's it, but I'd never say never. I'm not sure how I'll feel in a year's time," she said.

Una has had a great career as part of The Saturdays and said she wouldn't stop Aoife if she wanted to pursue a career as a pop star.

"Whatever Aoife decides to do I'll support and encourage her. I think she'll be sporty though, like her dad.

"She's such a fast runner," she said.

The popular girl group are currently on a break to work on separate projects and Una (33) is working on a solo record.


"In addition to our Saturdays work, we all have little side projects on the go," she explained to Glamour magazine.

"We still speak all the time and we see each other regularly. I'm song writing at the moment," she added.

While she loved being a mentor on The Voice, she won't become a contestant on a show any time soon.

"No, I wouldn't do Strictly Come Dancing. Not now Frankie's done it - she set the bar too high," she said.

"She did love it though and it was fun going to the studio to watch her."

She also said she'd like to turn her hand to fashion design.

"I love picking out clothes for Aoife and Tadgh, so a children's clothing line is definitely something I'd be interested in," she said.