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Have you caught the ghost train at Connolly Station?

COMMUTERS are being asked to be on the look out for ghosts at Connolly Station.

Irish Ghost Hunters said that they have received reports of strange happenings at the busy train station.

Leading paranormalist Tim Kelly says that they want to hear reports from any commuters who have noticed anything strange in the city centre location.

"We've heard that there is poltergeist activity in Connolly Station," Tim said. "We want to find out what this is all about because it could be huge."

Ireland's own 'Ghostbusters' team are hoping to carry out a full investigation -- once they approach CIE and the operators of the station in order to obtain permission.

But they hope that commuters will come forward with their own experiences at the station so that they can build up a better picture ahead of any examination.

"It would take an hour and a half to set up. We have thermal imaging cameras, cutting-edge stuff," Tim explained.

The paranormal investigators team also includes Maedhbh Larkin, Thomas Borza, Tanya Brady and psychics Keith and Angie Freeland.

The ghost hunter, who is also a radio presenter with Today FM, said that they were keeping tabs on all reported paranormal activity on a scientific basis.

"We go in like the American teams -- it's a very technical approach. We'll have four or five cameras on the night," Tim said.

They recently visited the Hell Fire Club in Rathfarnham, and have regular stints in Wicklow Gaol and houses with reported ghostly activity across the country.

But this investigation in Connolly Station would be the first of its kind in such a public building.

"Sometimes the human ear can't pick up the voices and they are only audible once recorded on the audio recorders and reviewed," Tim explained.

If you feel there is something strange in Connolly Station, email timkelly@irishghosthunters.com

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