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Haughey's Abbeville to become spa hotel?

PLANS to redevelop Charles Haughey's former Abbeville home as a luxury spa hotel are gaining local support.

Fingal councillors have backed developers who want to turn Haughey's former home in Kinsealy, north Dublin, into a hotel and golf course.

Manor Park Homebuilders went into receivership last month, but the project has been given new hope after the developers approached Fingal County Council to extend the planning permission granted on the site.


Now councillors have thrown their weight behind the move, insisting the development, when completed, would bring much-needed jobs and tourism. Labour councillor Peter Coyle said he would support the move.

"It's pretty normal for developers to look for extensions in these times and I suspect it will get it. I would be supporting it. I think we need to be sending out positive signals that things won't always be as bad," he said. "We will come out of recession and we must look ahead. It would bring a lot of work to the area.

"Abbeville is the perfect location for a hotel. It's near the airport and the city centre.

"It would have a lot to offer north Dublin in terms of tourism."

Fianna Fail councillor Eoghan O'Brien also welcomed the move.

He added that he was happy to back projects that would lead to jobs for the area.

"Anything in terms of tourism and bringing tourists into the area has to be looked at in a positive light."

He added: "The last thing I want to see is that area just becoming run down as we've seen with a lot of old buildings. There's a lot of history associated with the place. It's a fantastic house."

Manor Park Homebuilders bought the Abbeville estate from Mr Haughey for around €45m in 2003.