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Haughey pal back on city council

SEAN Haughey's former righthand man is to take over a vacated Dublin City Council seat.

While Mr Haughey remains out of the political limelight, his friend and colleague Sean Paul Mahon is to make a return.

Mr Mahon, who has been close to Charlie Haughey's son since their days together in Ogra Fianna Fail, is coming back to City Hall on June 10.

The woman he is replacing, Julia Carmichael, beat him to the seat by two votes in the 2009 local elections.

"I took over from Sean Haughey. I was co-opted to Sean's seat in July 2003," Mr Mahon said.


"I was there for a year and then I successfully fought the local elections in 2004 and lost out in the last election by two votes.

"He is a good friend of mine. We all started off in Ogra Fianna Fail. I've known him since I was 15."

Mr Mahon was chosen to fill the Artane/Whitehall seat vacated by Ms Carmichael at a selection convention on Wednesday.

Father-of-two Mr Mahon will now be formally co-opted on to the council on June 10.

When Bertie Ahern overlooked Sean Haughey, then a TD, in a reshuffle of junior ministers in 2006, Mr Mahon was one of the former Taoiseach's most outspoken critics.

In an interview at the time, he said his phone had been "hopping" since the news broke.

"People are very, very angry. Many are saying they will not vote for Fianna Fail again," he told a newspaper at the time.

He said many people felt that Mr Haughey had been "set up".

"The whole thing could have been handled much better.

"The Taoiseach could have told him 67 days ago he was not getting the job," Mr Mahon said.