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Hate campaign hits abortion women

THREE women who are calling for abortion to be made available for medical reasons have been targeted with abuse online.

They appeared on the Late Late Show last night, just days after they met TDs in Leinster House to tell them of their harrowing personal experiences.

Ruth Bowie, Arlette Lyons and Jenny McDonald had to travel to Britain for terminations after being told the babies they were carrying had medical conditions that were "incompatible with life."

They met a group of TDs as the Dail debated a Private Members bill on implementing the X case ruling -- and revealed how in a group of around 25 TDs, one was "very unpleasant" to them.


They also had to pass placard-carrying protesters outside the Dail who were campaigning against abortion.

A Facebook page they set up to seek terminations for women with medical conditions also attracted angry comments.